Student Stipend Program

Established in 1950


up to $5,000 awarded

Upper Division or Graduate Students


The Trust Fund conducts a student stipend program. The stipends, of up to $5,000 each, are awarded in an initial installment in the summer of the award year which will be sent to the university and the balance in September upon confirmation of your full-time enrollment in fall AND winter academic terms. Only upper level undergraduate or graduate level students in institutions of higher education in the State of Washington who have a demonstrated interest and history in the field of intellectual or other developmental disabilities are eligible to apply.

For students who are awarded a student stipend, funds will be released to the university for distribution to the student for payment of student tuition, books and general living expenses after the schools provide evidence that the students continue to be enrolled (for the summer installment, enrollment is required for the fall). The Trust Fund hopes that this will allow colleges and universities to attract and retain students interested in working in the field as researchers, teachers or practitioners.

Each applicant should have a particular career interest in work relating to intellectual and/or other developmental disabilities. In addition to completing the application form, each applicant must submit:

  • A short essay stating what his or her interest is in the field of intellectual and/or other developmental disabilities;

  • Academic and other qualifications and/or achievements;

  • Both immediate and long-term goals;

  • Letters of endorsement from no fewer than two faculty sponsors; 

  • Official transcripts from the colleges or universities the applicant has attended

To submit a 2020-2021 school year application, download the file below and follow the instructions on Page 3:

Completed applications, along with all the other required documents and materials, must be e-mailed no later than 12:00 Midnight in the locality where transmitted from no later than March 13, 2020. Extensions will not be granted. Applicants will be notified of the Arc of Washington Trust Fund Board’s decision by April 30, 2020. Late applications, recommendations or transcripts will not be accepted.

E-Mail all completed Scholarship Applications to:

For questions on the stipend program please contact us by email at


Stipend Awards for 2019

Theresa Willard

speech & hearing sciences

Nicole McRae

special education

Garcia web.png
Sofia Garci-Garcia

special education

Lankford web.png
Ashley Lankford

occupational therapy

Tara Rutter

clinical psychology


Testimonials from Stipend Recipients


Stipend Award Winners

What our Recipients are Saying

"The Arc Trust Fund was a huge relief from the financial stress of completing my teacher preparation program. With the weight of my program funding alleviated by this stipend, I was truly able to direct my focus and attention on developing my skills as an educator. With the support of the Arc Trust Fund, I successfully completed my program and accomplished my goal of becoming a Special Educator for the State of Oregon."

– Daniel Guenther

"As I conclude this academic year, I am deeply appreciative of the scholarship awarded to me this year. Not only has it alleviated the financial strain so that I could focus on my studies, it has opened the door to take more credits at a time, advancing in my degree more quickly."

– Dana Bailey

"I'm immensely grateful to the Arc of Washington Trust Fund for supporting me on my journey of serving the members of my community with developmental disabilities. I was awarded the Trust Fund stipend on two occasions during the course of my graduate studies to become a mental health counselor. I can't thank the Arc of Washington Trust Fund enough for helping me to reach my goals and for all the work they do to support others like me who carry the passion to make a positive social impact in our state."

– Tiffany (Nygren) Ezra